Lumiprobe代理 65470 BDP 630/650 hydrazide, 100 mg

Lumiprobe代理 65470 BDP 630/650 hydrazide, 100 mg

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BDP 630/650 is a red emitting dye which is based on the borodipyrromethene scaffold. This is a carbonyl reactive dye that is useful for the labeling of aldehydes and ketones, including sugars.

BDP 630/650 fluorophore is particularly useful for fluorescence polarization assays.

Structure of BDP 630/650 Hydrazide

BDP 630/650 hydrazide, 65470

General properties

Appearance: dark colored solid
Mass spec M+ increment: 446.1
Molecular weight: 500.76
Molecular formula: C23H20N4BClF2O2S
Solubility: good in DMF, DMSO
Quality control: NMR 1H, HPLC-MS (95%)
Storage conditions: Storage: 24 months after receival at -20°C in the dark. Transportation: at room temperature for up to 3 weeks. Avoid prolonged exposure to light. Desiccate.

Spectral properties

Excitation maximum, nm: 628
ε, L⋅mol−1⋅cm−1: 97000
Emission maximum, nm: 642
Fluorescence quantum yield: 0.91
CF260: 0.029


Cat. # Quantity
15470 1 mg
25470 5 mg
45470 25 mg
55470 50 mg
65470 100 mg