Lumiprobe Cy3叠氮 Cyanine3 azide

Lumiprobe Cy3叠氮 Cyanine3 azide

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Cyanine3 dye azide for Click Chemistry, an analog of Cy3® azide. Cy3® is one of the most broadly used fluorophores which can be detected by various fluorometers, imagers, and microscopes. Due to inherently high extinction coefficient, Cyanine3 is also easily detected by naked eye on gels, and in solution. This is non-sulfonated dye which requires organic co-solvent (DMF, DMSO, or other) for efficient labeling in water. Water-soluble version of this reagent is also available.

Product is available both as solid compound, and as 10 mM solution in DMSO which is ready to use in our recommended protocol.

Cyanine3 fluorescent properties are identical to Cy3®, and similar to Alexa Fluor 546, and DyLight 549.

Cyanine3 azide, 41030Cyanine3 azide, 41030Cyanine3 azide, D1030